My First Blog Post (Is this really happening?)


Well folks, I’ve finally done it. I started a blog. I have been thinking about the prospects of this for some time now, but kept convincing myself of the many reasons not to pursue a silly space to share my thoughts (not that I think all blogs are silly spaces, just that mine would/ will be).


The education related blogs I follow are insightful, professional, and informative. Smart people like the folks at EdTechTeacher, or education leaders in districts like Burlington, MA post their technology trials for all to see and learn from. I fear I cannot replicate their internet maturity.


Plus, as I’ve told myself many times, I am way too busy for this type of thing, what with my teaching load, graduate classes, work out schedule, and having a semblance of a social life (preferably before 9 p.m. and not on school nights, or Fridays because once I sit on that couch after school I am DONE FOR. I am 26, by the way. So judge away at those requirements). However, I have noticed a trend in technologically savvy educators as of late. They seem to value the sharing ideas, successes and failures and I think I’d like to jump on board. I am unsure of what value I have to offer, but am positive I will at least retain the humor in every anecdote I share.

Enjoy reading (to the handful of you who may see this) as I lead you through my 8th grade Social Studies classroom antics with a brand new iPad 2 cart of 25, five classes totaling 116 students (For those of you who did the math, you are correct, there are NOT ENOUGH iPADS. What’s that, you say? I should be happy I have a cart at all? Ok, ok, I hear what you are saying… and no, I disagree), and the basic tomfoolery that occurs when you work with thirteen year olds.