I’m Back!

I’m Back!

So, it has been a while since my last post. Specifically, it has been a year since my last post.

Do you hate clip art?

                               Do you hate clip art? I know somebody who dooooeeeessss….

In that time, I have nearly completed my CAGS in Administration, started coaching at my Crossfit gym, moved in with my significant other, and otherwise had lots of life happen to me. It has been wonderful! But, as I feared, my super fantastic blog fell by the wayside…

Actually, to be completely honest, last November I sat down to write another blog post and found that my tone had shifted from funny and ironic to purely frustrated.


This had partially to do with the technology in my classroom and its use with students, but more to do with a general increase in stress in my life. Rather than write bitter sounding posts, I thought the best idea was to put the posts aside for a bit, and then promptly forgot all about the blog!

But don’t worry, I’ve remembered now why I started this whole thing. This is because next week, I’ll be presenting at MassCUE’s technology conference at Gillette Stadium, and I’ll be presenting upon exactly the items I’d hoped to focus my blog (…shameless plug for my presentation- if you’ll be there, come to “The Realities of a Shared iPad Classroom”! Please don’t make me present to an empty room…). What better chance to start back up the blog since I’m reflecting on my practices in my classroom with my iPads anyway!


On the docket for posts:

  • Management: Things you could do when you first get shared iPads to help keep them safe
  • Building Student Skills
    • Holy Moley there is a LOT of Vocabulary
    • What are all these buttons?
    • Web apps vs apps
  • Workflow Solutions
    • Edmodo, My Savior
    • Drive
    • iBooks
    • Open In- the best button iOS has ever created

Keep an eye out, and I’ll be posting again soon!


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